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Pills, pleats on the knees and holes on the fingers and heels are the most terrible and dangerous enemies of tights. They lie in wait everywhere — at lessons, in nursery, on the playground and even at home.

Peppy Woolton tights

Why are they ideal?
  • We use only high-quality raw materials and work only on Italian equipment. We offer high quality at affordable prices.
  • 100% quality control is our credo. We really make sure that our products strictly correspond to the sizes.
  • Stylish, comfortable and quality products should and can be produced in Russia. We were entrusted with the most important value in the life of any person - children, and we are proud of it.


100% quality control
The newest Italian production

All products are made on knitting equipment Lonati — number one in the world. Special knitting technology allows products to be tightly fixed on the heel, do not stretch and do not slip.


Our products are not stretched on the knees, do not shrink after washing, very pleasant to the touch. The child will want to touch them again and again to feel this softness. All this causes the unconditional love of children and parents for our magic products.

  • Tights
  • Leggings
  • Socks
We were entrusted with the most important value in the life of any person - children, and we are proud of it

In the magic land of Peppy Woolton, special tights grow on trees, and they are guarded by a magic sheep. Pleat, Pill and Hole, no matter how hard they try, cannot penetrate into the magic land and take possession of the tights that Peppy and her brother Peter like to wear so much.

Our history

This history begins with a story about a little girl who did not like to wear tights and socks. You will ask why? It is simple — they are constantly torn and slide, they prickle and bring discomfort. The girl’s parents tried to do many things to instill in their beloved daughter a love for tights and socks, until finally the idea came to create our own brand of children’s tights, socks and leggings — those that will take into account all children’s wishes, those that the children will wear with pleasure and for a long time, those, as they say, for all occasions — the history of a new children’s brand, the Peppy Woolton brand, began.

The philosophy of the company is based on the highest quality standards, the uniqueness of the product construction, the use of only tested certified raw materials, the continuous introduction of new technologies, and, of course, design.

All Peppy Woolton products are produced in our own factory on the best knitting machines of Italian production. The structure of each product is carefully thought out: the increased density of knitting in the heel and toe zones, the special technique of tying the wake, an incredibly thin seam on the toe — provide maximum comfort and durability. Moreover, the design of the elastic band of tights is specially designed so that it does not fall down, but in the same time does not squeeze gentle children’s tummies.

For the production of Peppy Woolton products, only long-fiber painted yarn is used, that guarantees stability and color depth, as well as eliminates shrinkage of the product.

For a cold winter period, special warm and soft products made of fine high-quality wool have been developed and created, that do not prick and divert moisture from the body, keeping the baby feet warm and dry in winter. All products undergo a preliminary «shrinkage», so they can be safely washed and dried in a washing machine. One of the basic principles of Peppy Woolton is 100% quality control at all stages of the production process: before a pair of tights, socks or leggings reaches the customer, it passes through the caring and loving hands of 12 production employees, 12 moms, dads and grandmothers who love its own job very much. That is why all Peppy Woolton products are literally saturated with love for children.

All Peppy Woolton products are certified, hypoallergenic, have a natural antibacterial effect, high absorbency, especially important for the warm season.

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